“Premium Hosting”

Premium Hosting, in our eyes, is a myth. We believe all our hosting packages are premium and such don’t offer “premium hosting”. We firmly believe the bigger companies feel the need to provide this, due to over-saturation on their platform.

Here at Hype Hosting, we do things differently. Our servers are constantly monitored, both automated and by our support department to ensure they’re never overloaded. If we detect bottlenecks or packet loss, our system has the ability to re-route that traffic. Athena (Our Dedicated Hardware Load Balancer) is able to send traffic to any one of our 4 servers, Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter or Hera. This helps minimise the impact on user performance and keep page load rates low. See our hardware page for more information.

Premium hosting is usually sold by over-subscribed providers, where money comes before user experience. We simply will not allow our servers to become overcrowded. Hype Hosting doesn’t feel the need to sell premium hosting to overcome a problem that shouldn’t be present in the first place. Customer satisfaction comes first here at Hype Hosting. We hope by explaining to you, that we simply don’t want to sell premium hosting at a higher price, when it simple isn’t’ needed, will go someway to showing you that we do care about our customers.

If you cannot find a package to suit your needs, please get in touch using the form below and we’ll endeavour to meet your requirements.

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